Quantum physics textbook

by Stefanos Trachanas 
Translated & Edited by Manolis Antonoyiannakis, Leonidas Tsetseris

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Wesleyan University            Spring 2021           PHYS 214            Quantum Mechanics I         Tsampikos Kottos

This book presents Quantum Mechanics as a theory underlying the world around us, from atoms and molecules to materials, lasers, and other applications. Its features are (a) emphasis on the key principles with minimal mathematical formalism, (b) use of dimensional analysis and order-of-magnitude estimates to develop intuition, (c) comprehensive overview of quantum chemistry and the electronic structure of solids, (d) extensive discussion of the basic processes of light-matter interactions, and (e) online supplement with advanced theory and multiple-choice quizzes.


                              About the author


Stefanos Trachanas is an educator, author, and publisher. For over 35 years he has taught most of the core undergraduate courses at the Physics Department of the University of Crete. His books on quantum mechanics and differential equations are used as primary textbooks in most Greek University Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Engineering. He is a cofounder of Crete University Press, which he led as Director from 1984 until his retirement in 2013. His awards include an honorary doctorate from the University of Crete, the Xanthopoulos-Pnevmatikos national award for excellence in academic teaching, and the Knight Commander of the Order of Phoenix, bestowed by the President of Greece.